Administering the Industrial Policy.

              The main objective of the Directorate of Industries
        is to promote  and  facilitate  the growth of  the  small
        scale industries  (SSIs)  in  the   State  for   which,31
        District  Industries  Centres (DICs) 
        have been  establihsed  in different parts of the  State.
        The State Government has always accorded high priority to
        the SSI  Sector on account of the vital role it plays  in
        the process  of  econonic development by value  addition,
        employment   generation,  mobilisation  of  capital   and
        entrepreneurial skills.

              In  order to take full advantage of the liberalised
        economic  and industrial regime and forge  ahead with its
        programme  of  industrialisation,  the  State  Government
        formulated  a  new  industrial policy in 1996(IP  96)  to
        spell out the strategies and modalities to translate this
        commitment  into concrete action.  Its primary  objective
        is  to  harness Orissa's vast natural resources,  develop
        backward areas, strengthen the rural economy and generate
        employment.   Among the strategies adopted for  achieving
        the objectives  of IP 96 is to provide greater support to
        small scale  industries  and to make special efforts  for
        rehabilitation of viable sick industries.

              The  IP 96 provides attractive incentives  to   the
        new industrial  units which are established in the State.
        The incentives  include,  inter alia, capital  investment
        subsidy, sales tax incentives, land at concessional rate,
        interest subsidy, exemption from electricity duty, supply
        of water  at  concessional rate, exemption  from  octroi,
        concessions   in   payment  of   stamp  duty  etc.    The
        Directorate   of  Industries   administers  the   various
        provisions  of  the  Industrial  Policy  and  allows  the
        various incentives and facilities under the Ip in respect
        of different categories of industries.

              The  State  Government has formulated a PERT  Chart
        for setting  up new industrial units and this Directorate
        monitors  that the various clearance/ approvals are issue
        by the  various State Government agencies in a time bound
        manner.   In  case  of  any   problem  in  grounding   of
        industrial  projects, the State Level Empowered Committee
        under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, Industries, with
        representatives  of the concerned Departments, sorts  out
        interdepartmental  problems.  As regards sick but  viable
        SSI units, assistance like margin money, soft loan and IP
        benefits, whenever required, are provided for reviaval on
        a to case basis.

              The  Directorate  of Industries also  maintains  an
        updated  industrial  data  bank  and  undertakes  project
        identification  on a continuous basis so that a shelf  of
        projects with latest information and data is available to
        the intrepreneurs.   Services  of reputed consultans  are
        hired for preparing project reports and project profiles.
        Besides,  Entrepreneurship  Development   Programmes  and
        Industrial  Campaigns  are organised in various parts  of
        the State by the Directorate of Industries.