Application for Supply.
              Licensee's Obligation to Supply
              Deemed Termination of Agreement
              Record of Disconnection and Reconnection.
              Security Deposit 
              Service Line 
              Point of Supply 
              Wiring on Consumer's Premises 
                   Application for Supply.
   1.  Application   for  initial   supply  or  subsequentpower.jpg (55795 bytes)
      additional  supply  of power shall be made  in  the
      prescribed format in duplicate.Copies of the format
      of  the application may be obtained from the  local
      ofices of the GRIDCO free of cost.

  2.  The application after filling in shall be signed by
      the  owner or the occupier with the consent of  the
      owner  of premises for which supply is required and
      shall  be  submitted  at the local  office  of  the
      engineer  along with a fee,if any,prescribed by the
      licensee  but not exceeding rupees twenty five only
      together  with  a  sketch map of the  premises  and
      dsocumentary   evidence   of   his   ownership   or
      occupation   of   the   premises  in   question.Any
      assistance  or  information required for filing  up
      the  application  may be obtained by the  applicant
      from the local office of the engineer.

  3.  Notwithstanding  anything  mentioned   above  4,the
      licensee  may  grant connection to the premises  of
      any  applicant,and  the   licensee's  engineer  may
      dispense   with  documentary   evidence  of  lawful
      occupation  of  the premises at  his  discretion.In
      cases  where  such documentary evidence  of  lawful
      occupation  of  the premises is dispensed  with,any
      documentary    evidence     regarding   electricity
      connection  or  payment  of  bills  raised  by  the
      licensee  for  consumption of electricity will  not
      constitute  evidence  for  the  purpose  of  lawful
      occupation  of  the  premises   in  any   municipal
      record,revenue record or any court of law.

      Any  consumer who has been granted connection under
      this  provision  shall be deemed to be an  occupier
      for  the purposes of the licensee  notwithstandsing
      that his occupation is found by any court, tribunal
      or other authority to be not bonafide or lawful.

  4.  All applications for supply of power shall be filed
      at  least  thirty days before the expected date  of
      supply,where  distribution mains have been laid and
      power  supply  commenced.  In case of high  tension
      service  or  service  requiring  extension  of  the
      licensee's   distribution    main,the   prospective
      consumer shall submit his application not less than
      ninety   days   in  advance   provided   that   for
      contracting loads at HT or EHT in in excess of 5 MW
      up  to 10 MW,application shall be made two years in
      advance  and for contracting loads in excess of  10
      MW three years in advance.

  5.  An  applicant,who is not the owner of the  premises
      occupied  by  him,  shall   execute  an   indemnity
      bond,indemnifying  the licensee against any damages
      payable  on  account of any dispute arising out  of
      supply of power to the premises.

  6.  When the applicant's premises have no frontage on a
      street  and  the service line from  the  licensee's
      mains  has  to  go  over  or  under  the  adjoining
      premises  of  any other person(whether or  not  the
      adjoining   premises  is  owned   jointly  by   the
      applicant  and  such  other person)  the  applicant
      shall   obtain  at  his   own   expense   necessary
      way-leave,licence,  sanction,or  other   right   or
      interest  from the adjoining owner or  co-owner.The
      licensee   shall  not  supply   power  until   such
      way-leave,  licence,sanction  or   other  right  or
      interest  is  obtained  and  produced.   Any  extra
      expenditure incurred in placing the service line in
      accordance  with  the  terms of  way  leave,licence
      sanction  or other right or interest obtained  from
      the  owner  or  co-owner  shall  be  borne  by  the
      applicant.   No way-leave,licence sanction or other
      right  or interest once granted shall be  cancelled
      or  withdrawn,without  giving six months notice  by
      registered  post to the engineer and the  concerned
      consumer  and a provision to this effect should  be
      incorporated    in   the    terms    of   the   way
      leave,licence,sanction,or  other right or  interest
      arranged  by  the  consumer and  submitted  to  the
      licencee.The  consumer  may   however  arrange  for
      alternative  route,if any, to retain the supply  of
      power.   In all such cases the consumer shall  bear
      the cost of diversion and other incidental expenses
      as may be estimated by the engineser.  It shall not
      be  incumbent  on  the  licensee  to  asertain  the
      validity      or        adequacy        of      the
      way-leave,licence,sanction   or  other   right   or
      interest obtained by the applicant.

  7.  The   service  connection  to   an  applicant   for
      industrial  or  commercial  purpose  may  be  given
      without  prejudice  to  his   liability  to  obtain
      permission  or  sanction,  etc.    from  any  other
      authority or body.

  8.  If the applicant in respect of an earlier agreement
      executed  in his name or in the name of his  spouse
      or  in the name of a firm or company with which  he
      was  associated  either as a partner,  director  or
      managing  dsirector,  is in arrears of  electricity
      dues or other dues for the same premises payable to
      the  licensee, the application for supply shall not
      be  allowed  by the engineer until the arrears  are
      paid in full.

  9.  Applications for domestic or commercial purpose for
      a  load  demand of 3 KW or less within a radius  of
      0.9  Km.   of the existing 11/0.4 KV or  33/0.4  KV
      sin-station   shall  be  treated   as  viable   and
      feasible.   Viability  and feasibility will  be  be
      examined in other cases.

  10.(1)  Within three days of receipt of the application
      for LT supply,three clear days notice shall be sent
      by the licensee to the applicant or to the licensed
      contractor  acting on his behalf for the  applicant
      or his representative to be present for the purpose
      of  inspection of the premises and fixation of  the
      point  of entry of supply mains and and position of
      mains,cutouts  or circuit breakers and meters.  The
      licensee  will  in  no casse fix  meters  and  main
      cutouts  nor  will allow the same to remain in  any
      position  which  entails  entry of  the  licensee's
      employees into private or religious quarters.
     (2)  The licensee shall respond to the  applicantion
      for  supply  at HT within days stating whether  the
      connection  is  feasible  or not.If  feasible,  the
      licensee  shall  intimate voltage at  which  supply
      will be given and point of commencement of supply.
     (3)  The licensee shall forward the application  for
      supply  at EHT to the transmission licensee  within
      three   days  of  its   receipt  for  its   further
      processing in terms of provisions in the Grid Code.
      The licensee shall obtain the final reply regarding
      feasibility  from the transmission and Bulk  Supply
      Licensee  and communicate the same to the applicant
      within   sixty   working  days    of   receipt   of


  11(1)(a)After  the  point of entry of the supply  mains
      and  the  position of cut-outs or circuit  breakers
      and  meters  have been settled as provided  for  in
      Regulation  12  above,the licensee shall supply  to
      the  applicant  within  a  period of  one  week  an
      estimate of the cost of carrying out the work along
      with  security  deposit  required.    The  form  of
      licensed  contractors'completion  and  test  report
      also  shall  be  forwarded by the licensee  to  the
      applicant.Before  the  work of laying  the  service
      line  is  taken up,the applicant shall pay in  full
      the cost of laying the service line as per estimate
      prepared  by  the engineer in accordance  with  the
      Indian Electricity Rule,1956.
       (b)  If  supply is requested at HT or at EHT,  the
      licensee shall intimate the applicant the estimated
      charges  and  time  required   for  providing   new
      connectiion  within sixty working days of notifying
      feasibility  of supply as provided in Regulation 12
      above.The  form of licensed contractors' completion
      and  test  report  also shall be forwarded  by  the
      licensee  to  the  applicant.  Before the  work  of
      laying the service line as per estimate prepared by
      the   engineer  in  accordance   with  the   Indian
      Electricity Rules,1956.
       (c)  After the deposit has been duly made,  orders
      for  taking  up the work shall be issued  within  a
      period of three days from the date of deposit.  The
      amount   deposited  by  the   applicant  shall   be
      subsequently  adjusted,if necessary, on compilation
      of  the  figures of the actual cost of the  service
      lines.  The balance amount,if any,shall be refunded
      to  the consumer by way of adjustment in the  first
      electricity bill.Any expenditure incurred in excess
      of  the  amount deposited by the  applicant  within
      fifteen days of demand.
        (2) Service lines for temporary connections shall
      be  laid  by  the licensee where possible  and  the
      estimated cost for laying and removing such service
      lines  together with estimated energy charge  shall
      be paid by the licensee.
      (3)  Where  any difference or dispute arises as  to
      the  cost  or  fixing of the  position  of  service
      lines,   the  matter  shall  be  referred  to   the
      Electrical Inspector for decision.

      Licensee's Obligation to Supply

  12.(1)  The  supply  of power shall be made, if  it  is
      available  in the system, technically feasible  and
      remunerative as per the norms fixed by the licensee
      with  the  approval  of   the  Commission  and  the
      applicant  enters into an agreement in the Standard
      Agreement  Form (Form No.1) or Form of  Requisition
      (Form No.2) under Regulation 15 accepting the terms
      relating  to tariff and other conditions of  supply
      of the licensee.
     (2) In case the scheme of supply is not remunerative
      as  above, the applicant shall be required to  bear
      the   portion  of  charges  to  make   the   scheme
     (3)  No  additional  power   shall  be  supplied  by
      licensee unless all arrear charges for the existing
      power  supply have either been paid in full or paid
      in  accordance with an instalment facility  granted
      by  the  licensee  for unconditionally  paying  the
      arrears within the stipulated time.


  13. Every  person whose application for initial  supply
      or  subsequent additional supply of power has  been
      processed by the licensee, shall before taking such
      supply  execute an agreement in the standard format
      prerscribed  in  Form  No.1 of this Code  and  will
      deposit security amount as may be prescribed by the
      licensee.  In the case of non-remunerative schemes,
      portion  of  charges  as  indicated  in  Regulation
      14(2),  will  also  have  to  be  deposited.   Such
      agreement  shall  not be required for domestic  and
      commercial  consumers  ands their applications  for
      power  supply in the form prescribed in Form  No.2,
      if accepted, shall constitute the agreement between
      the  licensee and the consumer.  The duplicate copy
      of  the  application in Form No.2 shall  be  handed
      over   to  the  applicant   with   endorsement   of
      acceptance for his reference and record.
  14. Whenever  restriction on power supply is imposed by
      the  State  Government under sesction 22-B  of  the
      Indsian  Electricity  Act,1910 and power  purchased
      from  other  States or agencis is supplied  to  the
      consumer   on  special   request,  a  supplementary
      agreement  shall be executed which shall remain  in
      force for the period of such restriction.

      Deemed Termination of Agreement

  15. If   power   supply  to    any   consumer   remains
      disconnecteds  for  a  period  of  two  months  for
      non-payment of charges or dues or non-compliance of
      any  direction  issued  under this  Code.   and  no
      effective  steps  are  taken by  the  consumer  for
      removing  the  cause  of   disconnection  and   for
      restoration  of power supply, the agreement of  the
      licensee  with the consumer for power supply  shall
      be  deemed to have been terminated on expiry of the
      said period of two months, without notice, provided
      the initial period of agreement is over.
  16. On termination of the agreement, the licensee shall
      be  competent to remove the service line and  other
      installation  for supply of power from the premises
      of the consumer.

      Record of Disconnection and Reconnection.

  17. A record of disconnection and reconnection shall be
      maintained  by  the licensee.  The  licensee  shall
      intimate  the date of disconnection to the consumer
      within seven days of disconnection.

      Security Deposit

  18. Any  person  entering  into an agreement  with  the
      licensee  for  supply of power shall  deposit  such
      amount to cover charges for supply of two months or
      less as may be determined by the licensee from time
      to  time  for the relevant consumer  category.   In
      case  of  phased  contract   demand,  the  security
      deposit  will  be   accordingly  phased.   Enhanced
      security deposit shall be payable thirty days prior
      to  each scheduled enhanced demanmd.  Provisions to
      this effect shall be incorporated in the agreement.

  19. The  security  deposit shall be paid in cash or  by
      Bank  Draft.   It may also be paid by cheque or  by
      credit  card,  where  specifically allowed  by  the

  20. No  interest  shall  be p ayable  on  the  security
      deposit  during  the subsistence of  the  agreement
      unless otherwise decided by the licensee.

  21. The  security  deposit  shall be  returned  to  the
      consumer only after the terminatin of the agreement
      and  after adjustment of outstanding dues, if  any,
      within  a  period  of one month from  the  date  of
      termination.   In  case  of   non-refund  of   such
      security  deposit  during the aforesaid period,  it
      shall  carry interest at the raste of 2% per  month
      payable to the consumer.  Before termination of the
      agreement,  the licensee is entitled to adjust  the
      whole  or  part  of the  security  deposit  towards
      arrears   payable   by    the   consumer.    During
      continuation  of  the agreement, when the  licensee
      adjusts  the security deposit towards arrears,  the
      consumer isd liable to make up the security deposit
      or  the part of the security deposit so adjusted by
      the licensee.

     Service Line

  22.(1)  Upon  compliance  of  all  conditins  including
      technical  feasibility and viability, the  licensee
      shall  lay  service line, portion of which up to  a
      maximum  distance  of  30 metres from  the  nearest
      distribution  mains upto a convenient point on  the
      boundary of the applicant's property to which power
      is  proposed to be supplied shall be free of  cost.
      The  proportionate cost of service line, poles  and
      fittings,  if any, in excess over the free lead  of
      30   metres  shall  be   borne  by  the  applicant;
      Provided  that  in  case of temporary  supply,  the
      licensee's estimated cost of laying the line at the
      time  of connection and removing of service line at
      the  time  of disconnection shall be borne  by  the

     (2) The main cut-outs or fuses shall be inserted and
      sealed  by  the  licensee  free   of  cost  to  the

  23.(1)  In case of a HT or EHT feeder directly taken to
      the  consumer's premises for his exclusive use from
      the licensee's sub-station or from the transmission
      licensee, the metering arrangement shall be done at
      the  consumer's  premises  or, if  mutually  agreed
      between  the  licensee  and the  consumer,  at  the
      licensee's  sub-station itself.  When the  metering
      arrangements   are  installed  in  the   consumer's
      premises,  the position of the service cut-outs  or
      circuit breakers and meters shall be so fixed as to
      permit easy access to the employees of the licensee
      at any time.

     (2)  An  applicant requiring high voltage  or  extra
      high  voltage  supply must provide and maintain  at
      his  expense  a locked and weather-proof  enclosure
      may  be used by the applicant for his own  metering

  24. Where  the shifting of the service line within  the
      same  premises is undertaken on the request of  the
      consumes,  the entire charge on account of shifting
      including  the cost of additional materials if  any
      shall be borne by the consumer and shall be payable
      within fifteen days of licensee's demand.  In other
      cases,  where  shifting  is   necessary  in  public
      interest  or  for convenience of the licensee,  the
      consumer  shall extend full co-operation but  shall
      not be required to pay any charges.

  25. The  entire  service line, notwithstanding  that  a
      portion  thereof has been paid for by the consumer,
      shall  be the property of the licensee and shall be
      maintained  by  the licensee who shall always  have
      the right to use it for the supply of energy to any
      other  person unless the line has been provided for
      the  exclusive  use  of the  consumer  through  any
      special arrangement agreed to in writing.

        Point of Supply

  26. Unless  otherwise agreed to, the supply shall be at
      a  single  point at the out-going terminals of  the
      licensee, that is,
        (a)  Cut-outs  or circuit breakers in the case of
             low tension consumesrs, and
        (b)  Control  switch  gear or circuit breaker  or
             high  tension fuses that may be installed in
             the  licensee's  or consumer's  premises  as
             mutually  agreed in the case of high tension
             or  extra high tension consumers subject  to
             provisions of this code.

       Wiring on Consumer's Premises

  27.(1)  For  the  protection of the  consumer  and  the
      public  it  is  necessary that the  wiring  on  the
      consumer's  premises  should conform to the  Indian
      Electricity  Rules,1965  and  the   rules  of   the
      insurance  company with which the building may have
      been  insured amd will be carried out by a licensed
      contractor.   The  material used for  wiring  shall
      comply  with the standards laid down in that behalf
      by  the  Bureau of Indian standards or  equivalent.
      As  soon  as  the  applicant's  licensed  contrctor
      completes   the   wiring   and   other   electrical
      installation  in  the premises,the applicant  shall
      submit to the licensee, the contractor's completion
      and test report.

     (2)   As  required  by  Rule   45  for  the   Indian
      Electricity  Rules,1956,no electrical  installation
      work  including  addition,  alteration,repairs  and
      adjustments  to existing installations, except such
      replacement  of  lamps, fans, fuses, switches,  low
      voltage  domestic  appliance and fittings as in  no
      way  alter  the capacity and the character  of  the
      installation,  shall  be  carried  out  within  the
      premises  of any consumer or owner for the  purpose
      of   supply   of  energy  to   such   consumer   or
      owner,except  by  a  contractor   licenced  by  the
      appropriate  authority in this behalf and under the
      direct   supervision   of   a  person   holding   a
      certificate  of competency issued or recognised  by
      the appropriate authority.  Any person committing a
      breach  of  Rule  45  of  the  Indian   Electricity
      Rules,1956   shall   render   himself   liable   to
      punishment under Ryle 139 of the said Rule.
   The State has surplus 430 MW. of Electricity.

   District -wise GRIDCO Sub-Station with Capacity has been
   indicated below:-

1           2                      3                            4
1.        DHENKANAL.            1.Dhenkanal                     40
                                2.Angul                         40
                                3.Chainpal                      45
                                4.Kamakshya Nagar               25
2.        CUTTACK.              1.Bidanasi                      80
                                2.Cuttack                       60
                                3.Paradeep                    32.5
                                4.Nuapatna                      25
                                5.Jagatsinghpur                 25
                                6.Kendrapara                    45
                                7.Choudwar                    52.5
                                8.Patamundei                    25
                                9.Jajpur Road                   40
                               10.Duburi                        45
                               11.Jajpur Town                   25
                               12.Kalarang                      25
3.    P U R I                   1.Khurda                        60
                                2.Nayagarh                      40
                                3.Puri                          63
                                4.Chandaka                      80
                                5.Bhubaneswar                   80
                                6.Ranisinghapur                 80
                                7.Balugaon                    32.5
                                8.Nimapada                      25
4.    BALASORE                  1.Balasore                    72.5
                                2.Bhadrak                       60
                                3.Soro                          25
                                4.Jaleswar                      25
5.    GANJAM                    1.Bhanjanagar                   25
                                2.Aska                          40
                                3.Berhampur                     85
                                4.Chhatrapur                    40
                                5.Mohana                      17.5
                                6.Ganjam                        25
6.    PHULBANI                  1.Phulbani                      15
7.    KORAPUT                   1.Theruvali                   17.5
                                2.Rayagada                    37.5
                                3.Jayanagar                   32.5
                                4.Sunabeda                      50
                                5.Tentulikhunti                 25
8.    KALAHANDI                 1.Kesinga                       40
                                2.Khariar                     12.5
9.    BALANGIR                  1.Bolangir                      40
                                2.Khariar                     12.5
10.   SAMBALPUR                 1.Sambalpur                     63
                                2.Baragarh                      40
                                3.Jharsuguda                  22.5
                                4.Hirakud                        5
                                5.Brajarajnagar               72.5
11.   SUNDARGARH                1.Rourkela                     140
                                2.Chend                         80
                                3.Rajgangpur                    40
12.   KEONJHAR                  1.Joda                        62.5
                                2.Palasapanga                 37.5
                                3.Tensa                         10
                                4.Barjamada                   12.5
13.   MAYURBHANJA               1.Baripada                      63
                                2.Rairangapur                   25
line2.gif (4545 bytes)